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F.A.Q. Anaheim Vacation House.  Find the answers to all of the frequently asked questions. Can’t find your answer? Contact Us!  Have an Emergency?  We are available 24 hours a day to meet your needs.

  • When is my security deposit returned?

    Within 14 business days from departure per your rental agreement.

  • When do I receive the door code?

    After final payment is made, usually 1-2 weeks prior to arrival.

  • Do I need to bring my rental agreement?

    Yes, it is part of the city ordinance that you have your agreement in the home during your stay.

  • How do I turn on the Jacuzzi?

    Press button 1 once and wait 15 minutes, if it is not hot by then, text or call Jeff or LaDonna for assistance.

  • Pool water feels cold is the heater working?

    We check temperatures on our pools every morning remotely to make sure your desired temperature is set. 84 degrees is a comfortable temperature for swimming. Most hotels heat to 82/83. 84 degree water is not bathtub water and will be a little cool/refreshing when you first get it. It will also feel a little cool in really cold weather.

  • 84 degree pool water is just too cold for my family; can we have 90 degree water?

    You can pay and extra $5 PER day PER degree over 84 to a maximum of 89 degrees. *At higher temperatures, chlorine burns out of the pool at a rapid rate and can become unsafe.

  • Can I heat the pool for part of our stay?

    Yes, it must be for a minimum of 3 days in a row.

  • Where is parking?

    In the driveway of our homes (However on short driveways you must not block the sidewalk or you will be given a ticket).

  • What kind of parking is provided? What if I have extra cars?

    Each house has parking for a specific number of cars off the street in our driveway. Additional cars are not allowed. Vacation home renters and their guests will be ticketed by the city if you park on the public street. When parking in the driveway, never block the sidewalk. The neighbors will call the code authority and you will be ticketed.

  • What happens if something goes wrong while I’m at the house or I don’t understand how to work an appliance or other item?

    Please call us immediately as follows: Jeff at 714-361-3299 ext 2 or LaDonna at 714-361-3299 ext 0.


    We cannot guarantee that everything in the house will work 100% of the time, but if there is a problem, CALL US IMMEDIATELY and we will do our best to rectify any problems. No refunds will be given for the failure of household items. If you have paid a pool/spa heating fee and it does not appear to be heated, call us immediately so we can check it out. No pool heating refunds will be issued if we are not notified first. We are also not responsible for service provider outages (ie, cable, phone, wifi, etc.).

  • We left some items behind in the home, how do we get them back?

    Our cleaning service reports any items found that are left behind and we will contact you to make arrangements for their return. *Please note we are not responsible for items left behind in our homes. We will do our best to find and return anything found (you will need to pay the shipping); however, please do your best to check over the home before leaving. You will be responsible for all charges incurred to ship these items back to you.

  • I am not happy with something in the home?

    We give all of our guests the ability to reach us by text/phone 24/7 and they have several contact numbers. We encourage you to notify us within 4 hours of arrival if you have an issue. If something breaks during your stay you should notify us as soon as possible. We have the ability to correct most issues the same day. It is very sad when a guest says they had an issue during their stay that we could have quickly & easily corrected, but they didn’t notify us until days after their stay.


    All of our homes have regular monthly pest control services. This does not mean you will never see a spider/bug/ant, etc. They can enter the home anytime in-between services. On the day of service and up to a couple of days after, it is also normal to have a few bugs show up in the home. Having regular service does mean our homes are as bug-free as possible. Regarding ants/gnats; they show up when there is food left out. If you leave food all over the home you will get ants/gnats in any house in town. This does not mean you can’t set food out for eating. It means that if you eat and leave crumbs of food all over the place or leave old food on dishes for days, you will most likely get ants/gnats. Our pest control company offers complimentary service anytime in-between regular service, as needed – you just need to give us a call.


    We only book our homes on reputable sites such as VRBO/Homeaway, Flipkey, etc. Our listing on Craiglist only direct you to the sites we book on. Scammers steal our photos to make fraudulent listings on Craigslist. The way to confirm you are dealing with our company is to phone LaDonna at 714-361-3299 ext 0. Emails come directly from LaDonnaFranke@gmail.com. We never accept payment in any other name than Pacific Legacy Real Estate or ANEO Properties.


    *Reservation is NOT fully confirmed until we have your signed rental agreement and your security deposit/payment is paid.

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